Monday, June 1, 2015

The EVOL dishes about their biking love affair on the Goodbelly blog

Kate, Christa, Melissa and Josh chimed in on the Goodbelly blog last week, offering up their perspectives on what got them into cycling. Check out the post here and learn more about what makes Goodbelly so special...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gotta get that gear!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

EVOL Women Go 2, 4, 6 at Koppenberg!

The Koppenberg Road Race in Boulder, Colorado proved to be another exciting and challenging day of racing for the EVOL Women’s Team. As one of our favorite races of the season, we came into the race ready to throw down team tactics and shake things up on the dirt roads. EVOL’s riders have a history of success at Koppenberg with 4 wins in the past 6 years, so the pressure was on.

With a couple late additions to the race, including two United Healthcare Pro Cycling racers, Cari Higgins and Coryn Rivera, our team tactics shifted. We knew with these heavy hitters in the field, we’d need to guard them carefully and go with any attempts to break the field.

After a few uneventful laps of small attacks that didn’t stick, UHC’s Coryn Rivera and EVOL’s Kate Powlison and Beth Fisk created a gap on the field coming up the short dirt climb. With the huge firepower of this threesome, the break was quickly out of reach of the main field. Beth worked hard for Kate and helped establish a huge gap that would stick for the rest of the race. Coryn eventually broke free from Kate and soloed in for the win. Kate rode through shortly after with a hard fought and impressive 2nd place.

Back in the main field, Margell, Melissa, Kristen, and Beth (once reabsorbed) worked to control the field until they were sure Kate was safely out of reach. Then the EVOL team worked to break things up once again. Kristen and UHC’s Cari Higgins attacked on the dirt climb and managed to stay away through the finish. Cari’s powerful sprint secured her 3rd place while Kristen came across in 4th. Beth finished off the day with her own sprint to the line and took 6th after a long day of working for the team.

All together, the day was a huge success as EVOL went up against some of the best professional women in the U.S. We’re excited to have had such a stellar start to the season and we’re looking forward to all the upcoming racing. Next up is the Superior Morgul Omnium with another stacked Colorado women’s field.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

EVOL Women's Boulder Roubaix

EVOL Women’s Racing brought their A-Game to the highly anticipated Boulder Roubaix road race and landed two podium finishes this weekend. The race paid homage to Europe’s spring classics with challenging dirt road sections and sharp, steep climbs. The EVOL women thrive on tough courses and Roubaix wast their first chance racing together in these conditions for 2015.

The day started with fierce tactical racing including several attacks by the EVOL women that successfully broke up the main pack in the first of three laps. Sprinter Christa Ghent went on a solo break early in the race and held over a minute lead on the main pack for nearly an entire lap of the 18-mile course. The field was forced to combine efforts to bring Ghent back, setting up a prime opportunity for another EVOL launch.

Kate Powlison was the first to jump, taking two competitors and EVOL teammate Kristen Legan with her. The group of four quickly got to work and put some distance between the break and the main group.

Despite an emergency detour and five-minute pause in racing for the break and main field - due to a structure fire on the course – the break maintained their lead and headed into the last lap ready to fight it out to the finish.

Powlison and Legan worked to drop the other two riders but were unsuccessful leading into the final three miles. A well-timed jump from Lucy Conklin of Rally Sport Cycling Team threw the EVOL women into chase mode. Despite their strong efforts, Powlison and Legan couldn’t pull Conklin back before the finish and they came across in 2nd and 3rd place.

Meanwhile, in the main group, EVOL continued to dominate the attacks and control of the peloton. All five of our racers placed in the top 10 with some stellar sprint finishes to wrap things up. Beth Fisk finished an impressive 5th place, Christa Ghent sprinted for 7th, and Margell Abel rounded things off in 10th.

EVOL’s success at Boulder Roubaix was wholly due to the selfless teamwork from each member of our team. Thanks for the cheers and support out on course and special thanks the Ghents for working the feed hill.

We'd also like to say a big Thank You to DBC events and the CU Cycling Team for putting on a fantastic race and offering up equal prize money for men and women. We love supporting races that support women's cycling like this! THANK YOU!

Now that the 2015 season is well underway, the EVOL Women’s Team will be out racing most weekends throughout the season. Stay tuned for more race updates, results, and recaps!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Getting Dirty In the South -- EVOL Takes on Rouge Roubaix

EVOL Elite Racing’s Kate Powlison and Kristen Legan kicked off the season with a bang last weekend down in Louisiana at Rouge Roubaix bike race. Traveling with friends Liz Barcheck from Mosaic Bicycles and Meredith Miller of Noosa Pro Cyclocross Team, the women formed a Boulder composite team that they lightheartedly termed the “Boulder Babes”. In its 17th year running, the Rouge Roubaix 102 mile road race served up a beautiful day with plenty of action in the back roads of Louisiana and Mississippi. While the course was mostly asphalt, three key gravel and dirt sections proved to be the deciding elements of the race.

The first dirt section quickly split the field leaving a lead group of seven women, five of which were from Boulder, Colorado, including Powlison and Legan. The second dirt section threw riders straight into a steep, loose climb and allowed Legan and DNA Cycling’s rider, Lauren De Crescenzo, to establish a gap on the others.

The lead two split just before the final hilly, gravel section and De Crescenzo powered ahead to take the win. Legan chased hard to stay in front of the chase group and was able to hold onto second place. Powlison, part of the chase group, road strong despite arriving at the hotel at 2am before the race. Work obligations had Powlison in Los Angeles in the days leading up to the race and she arrived just in time to kit up and go race. In true Powlison fashion, she rallied to finish the day strong and then quickly found post-race beers for celebration.

The EVOL ladies relished the chance to race on new roads and meet enthusiastic women cyclists in a new community. The Rouge Roubaix women’s field doubled in size this year and EVOL was excited to be a part of this growth. While we were all disappointed at the lack of recognition for the women’s field and the embarrassingly disproportionate prize money between men and women, the director of Rouge Roubaix has promised to make changes for next year’s race.

Powlison and Legan want to send a huge shout out to the Mosaic Cycles team who took us in, fed us, and helped with all the logistics of the trip. Also, thanks to Chris Diminno of Gourmet Century who kept us well fed with delicious and healthy meals throughout the weekend. And last but not least, thanks to TheRadavist for capturing the weekend in photos and words and being a huge support for the “Boulder Babes” composite team.

EVOL ladies are looking forward to a full season of racing. Now that we’re in the full swing of things, check back for more race updates and stories from our racers!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New EVOL Women's Road Team

EVOL Racing Women’s Elite Road Team

New for 2015, EVOL Racing introduces the EVOL Women’s Elite Road Team to take on the fierce Colorado competition. After dominating the 2014/2015 cyclocross season, the EVOL Women’s team is excited to continue their success in racing, leadership, and mentorship on and off the road this spring and summer. 

Six women comprise the women’s road team including EVOL cyclocross racers Kate Powlison, Melissa Barker, and Kristen Legan. New to the team are veteran racers Beth Fisk and Margell Abel as well as development athlete, Christa Ghent. While the women are racing under a new team - EVOL Racing - they are no strangers to each other. Most of the member raced together as a team in the 2014 road season and they’re excited to stick together and build on previous successes.

Kate Powlison rocked Cross Nationals! 
While local races are the main focus this season for EVOL Racing, the women’s team is also working to help advance women’s cycling from the grassroots up. Team leader, Kristen Legan explains, “Our goal is to create positive and educational race opportunities for developing athletes through mentorship from seasoned racers.” Through this mentorship, the goal is to help bridge the gap between local racing and national level races so that emerging athletes can purposefully progress to the next level.

The Colorado road season is underway and EVOL Racing is looking forward to a full lineup of races ranging from crits to gravel grinders. Watch for the EVOL Women’s Team as they take on Colorado’s finest cyclists throughout the season. Also, make sure to stop by the Breeze Bars tent after each race as these competitive women also love to kick back, enjoy, and share their post-race cocktail creations.

Rider Profiles

Kate Powlison
Kate comes into the 2015 season motivated to race and excited to have a powerful team behind her. With her masterful skills on the dirt, Kate is ready to crush on all of dirt road races this year. 
Christa Ghent
With a wicked fast sprint, Christa is gunning for the “Queen of Crits” title this year. Proof that powerful things can come in small packages; Christa will be one to watch in any sprint finish road race or crit this season.

Margell Abel
Margell brings tons of experience to the team with years of elite racing as well as coaching and mentoring young riders. Margell is a master tactician and reads races as if she can see into the future. 
Beth Fisk
Beth is another seasoned racer who not only provides valuable race insights and tactics, but she can also tear the competition’s legs off. It’s not uncommon to see Beth throwing down attack after attack to help her team take the win.  

Melissa Barker
As the new member of the EVOL road team, Melissa will be a huge asset with her quick sprint and strong diesel engine. Melissa is coming off a winning cyclocross season and excited to continue her success this spring and summer on the road.  

Kristen Legan
With new focus and determination, Kristen comes into the 2015 season ready to throw down. Kristen is shooting to dominate the various stage races around Colorado as well as a few long distance gravel races throughout the U.S.

EVOL Race Calendar

April 4            Louisville Crit
April 11          Boulder Roubaix
April 12          Stazio Crit
April 19          Federal Center Crit
May 2             Koppenberg
May 15-17      Superior Morgul Stage Race
May 30           City Park Crit
June 14           Yeti Beti Mtn Bike Race
June 21           Golden Granfondo
June 26-28      Boulder Stage Race
July 4              Firecracker 50 Mtb Race
August 1         Littleton Crit (NCC Race)
August 2         Bannock Street Crit